Pay Dues


We have received your letters and taken your concerns into consideration. In the past, we have taken longer than expected to deposit your checks, and for this inconvenience, we apologize. As of this September 2017, we have started a new billing process that will ensure your payments will be deposited within 7 business days of submittal, if you decide to pay with a check.

Homeowners can now also pay two ways: by personal/cashier’s check, or online via PayPal.

The fiscal year is from July 1, 2019 – June 30, 2020.
Annual Association dues are currently $948.00.

Dues can be paid:
Annually in the amount of $948.00
Quarterly in the amount of $237.00
Monthly in the amount of $79.00.

The quarters for the year are broken down below:

Q1 – Jul – Sep

Q2 – Oct – Dec

Q3 – Jan – Mar

Q4 – Apr – Jun

The Association will be enforcing a $10 late fee for those homeowners that have not paid by the end of the first 15 days of the new quarter.


Checks are to be made to “Four Seasons HOA”. You can now send them two ways

  1. By Mail to:

Four Seasons Patio Homeowners Association
P.O box 6569
Charlottesville, VA,  22906

    2. Hand deliver them to:

316 Lake Forest Lane
Charlottesville, VA 22901

When dropping
payments, please use the brown drop box next to the front door.
Additionally, please ensure that the check has your correct address or otherwise identifies the address the payment should be leveraged against.


  1. When you receive your invoice, you may send your email address to

You will receive an electronic copy of your invoice with a link to pay online.

*This is the preferred method to keep the most up to date, accurate records*

If your invoice thus far is incorrect, please contact:

Megan Maloney
Phone: (804) 439-0335

Please understand this is a new process we are implementing with the hopes of creating a more efficient system for both the board and our wonderful members, so please be patient as we all learn the new process. If you have any comments or suggestions on how to modernize and upgrade this process, please let us know.