Disclosure Packet/Governing Documents

1. Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions

2. Maintenance Standards

3. FSPHA By Laws

4. FSPHA Insurance Statement

5. CICB Certif exp 02-26-23

6. DPOR Annual Report (2022)October 2022 Update

7. FSPHA Certificate of Incorporation 01-07-71

8. Corp Comm Registered Agent

9. FY23 Budget & Annual Membership Dues*

10. FY22 Income/Expense Report & Account Statement

IMPORTANT: For any home being sold, please email board@fspha.com to request confirmation of current HOA Member Dues paid/owed for the home and any outstanding architecture requests.

*Note: FSPHA Membership includes Trash Pickup, Cable Television Services, Security Services and Common Area Maintenance.  Members are responsible for their own yard maintenance.

Comcast Bulk Cable Service Instructions