May 2018 Update (Cable Contract)

Good Day Homeowners,

Since the Comcast cable contract is expiring the association convened a cable committee to review cable TV offerings in the area in order to permit homeowners to make an informed decision.  The Cable committee was comprised of three (3) homeowners, Mr Page Beverly, Ms Susie McCormick and Ms Mary Hackett. Please see below for their findings.

Comcast TV Service:

  1. Bulk Service Available
  2. $31.48 per unit. (31.48 x 133 homes) x 12 Months: $50,242.08 annually billed to the association.
  3. Five (5) year contract
  4. Includes Limited and Expanded Basic Channels (345 Channels)
  5. Two (2) Digital receiver boxes included
  6. Note: The retail rate for individual (non-bulk) customer would be $91.40 for the same package.
  7. Click (Here) to review Comcast offer details.

DIRECT-TV Service:

  1. No Bulk Package/Pricing Available. (The bellow refers to individual homeowner packages only.)
  2. The Direct-TV SELECT package advertises for $40.00/month for a two (2) year contract commitment ($35.00 with auto-pay), plus taxes.  HOWEVER, effective month 13 of the contract, the price increases to $82.00/month ($78.00 with auto-pay), plus taxes.
  3. Channel lineup is comparable to Comcast. Click (Here) to see a comparative list of channels.
  4. Introductory special: $35.00 activation fee waived if ordered on-line.  Lower rates for the first year of the contract, including three (3) free months of HBO, Showtime, Cinemax and Starz channels.
  5. Location of dish would vary from house to house, depending on best location for reception.
  6. There is no cable involved. There is no equipment fee.  Professional installation provided for free.

Dish Network TV Service:

  1. No Bulk Package/Pricing Available. (The bellow refers to individual homeowner packages only.)
  2. Dish network would provide (1) dish for the roof.  Homes that have roofs without proper access to the signal can have the dish installed on a post.
  3. Cost for dish install: $100.00
  4. $85.00 per month.  Covers two (2) TVs. Channel lineup not clear.
  5. $34.99 per month. Covers one (1) TV and will provides fifty (50) cable channels and no local channels.

(FSPHA President Comments: The Comcast offer is more competitive that what the association currently has. The channel list is larger, the term is shorter and the rate is slightly cheaper. Despite the shorter contract period of five (5) years, I still feel this is a longer term contract than the association should sign.)

Since cable service may be a contentious issue in the association, we will have a proxy vote to determine the way forward. Homeowners can expect electronic ballots this month so your desire can be known. Those unable to complete electronic ballots will complete paper ballots. If note: if the community votes to discontinue providing cable services, the monthly assessment (dues) will be reduced to approximately $50.00 per month. If not, the association dues with be increased by 5% (approximately $77.00) to address reserve account contributions and common area maintenance shortfalls.

That’s all for now.

Christopher Meadows
President, PSPHA