Association Update: 2 Oct 2017


Good Day Homeowners,

Since publishing this quarters newsletters, the board has had a few phone calls and emails with questions outlined below.  I wanted to publish the answers to these questions so they are there for everyone to see.

1) Why did I receive an invoice? I never received one before.

Answer: Invoices were created to give all homeowners a snapshot of what is owed and when it was due.  From this point forward, all homeowners will receive an invoice with their newsletter.  If you think your invoice is not correct, please reach out to Ms Megan Maloney (FSPHA Financial Secretary) .  Additionally, next quarter we will make a few minor adjustments to the invoice format to make it more user friendly.  The total HOA dues for the year are $888.00 annually or $222.00 Quarterly or $74.00 monthly.

2) Why are dues now paid at the beginning of the quarter instead of the end of the quarter?

Answer:  The Association pays its bills monthly and needs money (dues) in the bank ahead of time to ensure our debts are covered. Collecting money for bills retroactively is not a way to do business and puts the Association in a position to have to leverage our savings account to cover our shortfalls.  That said, dues will be paid before the Association has to pay the bills due that quarter. 

3) Is the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) going to fix my sidewalk or driveway?

Answer: Unfortunately VDOT is not able to make a neighborhood wide repair due to budgetary constraints.  As such, they have prioritized items that were deemed a safety hazard by their standards and have elected to action those items first.  Unfortunately, there are still quite a few sidewalks that are crumbling and are otherwise in disrepair.  The association will submit for another work order to VDOT in order to address sidewalk areas that are still in need of repair upon completion of this current project.  (Of Note: The street and sidewalks are not property of the Association but are property of the Virginia Dept of Transportation).

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Christopher Meadows
FSPHA President




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