Jan 2018 Newsletter & Update

Good Day Homeowners.  Below is this quarter’s association newsletter.  The following corrections have been made:

1) FSPHA President’s address has been corrected. (How did I miss that?)
2) The FSPHA Secretary’s email address has been corrected.

FSPHA Quarterly Newsletter_Jan2018_Final

As reminder, if you would like to receive your Newsletter and Quarterly Invoice via email, please email our Association Secretary at fspha.notes@gmail.com.  Please include the below information in your email:

Full Name
Phone Number
Email Address

Some homeowners were confused regarding the late fee assessment (10 dollars) that occurred on 19 Jan.

In October of 2017, the board decided to shift dues payment “Due Dates” to the beginning of the quarter (7th of the first month) vis the end of the quarter.  This change allows the association to cover its expenses for the quarter as they are due.  Accepting retroactive payments (post the quarter) is generally not a good way to do business because it puts the association in a position to float the full cost of bills for the quarter before revenue shows up.

Because this change is still relatively new, the board decided to delay assessing late fees until the new year (19 January) to give homeowners a chance to adapt to the new change.  This change may not have been clearly addressed in previous newsletters.  All subsequent newsletters for the next few quarters will contain a reminder of the change and reflect the most current due date.

Official Guidance
Association dues payments are required by the 7th of the month to avoid a late fee.
Monthly Payees: By the 7th of each month.
Quarterly Payees: By the 7th of January, April, July and October.
Annual Payees: By the 7th of July.

 As of Oct 2017, any payment coupons (payment slips) in circulation within the association are out of date and no longer reflect accurate information.

Christopher Meadows
FSPHA President

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